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Affair and Cheating

  • Extra Marital Affair  – Is there any difference between sexual affairs and infidelity? There is a difference and it’s a subtle one. While extramarital affairs can only happen if marriage exists, infidelity can happen in any romantic relationship where physical intimacy is involved.
  • Infidelity – What is infidelity? The dictionary meaning of the word is ‘the action or state of being unfaithful to a husband or other sexual partner’. So infidelity happens when a partner cheats in a marriage or a sexual relationship with any other partner. But in the modern era, thanks to the onslaught of the internet, infidelity has taken various forms and is not confined to cheating through physical relationships only.
  • Office Affairs – Office affairs are most common in the modern world because people spend more time in the office than they spend at home that is why words like “office spouse” have been coined. Business trips, office parties, long hours of work and email and text exchanges in the pretext of work make office affairs easier.

Breakup And Scars

  • Breakup And Loss -Breakups do come with a sense of loss. As one article puts it, “If you intensely love someone the pain of a breakup is as excruciating as losing someone to death.” Break up and loss goes hand in hand.
    If a relationship or a marriage ends the sense of loss persists for a long time. This is a time when people need immense support from friends, family and some even opt for counselling.
  • Divorce – The end of a marriage is among the most painful crossroads you can find yourself at. More and more people are realising that it’s not smart to sacrifice themselves on the altar of unhappy, loveless, or, worst of all, abusive marriages. This has led to a rise in divorce rates around the world. But the fact that divorce is more common and less shameful doesn’t make it any easier to deal with the emotional, practical, and legal issues that come with it.

Single And Dating

  • Dating Experience –Dating is different these days and the traditional rules just don’t seem to always apply. That’s why you need to check out our dating tips.Learn more about things like “Exclusive Dating” or how to deal with “Ghosting”. Read on to enrich yourself with real-life experiences, anecdotes and tips on how to relish the single life and prepare yourself for your date.We are proud to say that we have a fascinating array of articles on dating which include a lot of dating tips too. Our articles tell you how to make a date special, what to expect when you are dating someone, how to tell your parents you are seeing someone and how to look at the red flags and realize if the person is abusive, clingy or could be a future stalker. Dating is fun and it gives you a gamut of experiences. We have covered everything.
  • Friendship -Guess the definition of friendship can’t be more beautiful than this. Friends are an integral part of our life who make us laugh, who hold our hand in times of need and who accepts us just the way we are. They know our past and present and are as excited as us about our future.It’s them we turn to in times of upheaval or if we just need someone to talk to. So when we are talking about relationships it is unfair to leave out something as important as friendship.But friendship is an integral part of a romantic relationship as well. It is common to see best friends becoming lovers and then life partners. As Oscar Wilde puts it: “Ultimately the bond of all companionship, whether in marriage or friendship, is the conversation.”So here in this section, we have beautiful articles on the friendship that could become part of your conversations.
  • Love And Romance –The most important parts of a connection between two people are love and romance. Both need to walk hand in hand for a relationship to last long. When there is no excitement in a relationship, there is only complacency.Romance is usually at its best when two people are dating, peaks during the honeymoon, and then starts to fade after a year. The trouble is that many people think romance is the same as love, which is not true. To keep the spark of romance alive in a relationship, work needs to be done. If you don’t take romance seriously, you take love for granted. When love becomes dull, many people look for a way out instead of working on the romance.
  • One-sided Love –Love is not always about reciprocation. One-sided love or unrequited love is a reality that many people experience or many people have lived with all their life. People say that it hurts when you want to hold someone in your arms but can’t.When you fall for someone and that person does not feel the same about you then it breaks your heart but you keep loving that person with the broken pieces of your heart. That’s painful. One-sided love pains could destroy you, but it’s often what you think about all the time.Many people have experienced one-sided love and although they understand that they need to move on and find a life for themselves, most often they can’t. We tell you how to move on from unrequited love or the steps you can take to ensure the one you love falls for you too. Depending on the situation you need to take your call and we are always there to help.
  • Online Dating -Online dating changes the way people date in a huge way. Online dating has changed the way people date in the 21st century. In the dating world, you might find the love of your life online and settle down to a happy, peaceful life, or you might find scammers, stalkers, and abusers ready to take advantage of you.So we also talk about online dating dangers on dating sites, fake dating profiles and the menace of stalking.Read our stories in the Online Dating section where we share both the pros and cons of the online dating situation. We give you useful information that will help you stay safe, but at the same time, you don’t have to be afraid or shy to use online dating sites.There are a lot of different and interesting stories in this area. While some people talk about how they found their life partners through online dating there are stories of how people were conned by fake accounts. There are many articles that talk about what to do and what not to do when online dating. Read through this section, which is full of useful knowledge.
  • Single Life -People in India tend to judge people who are single. They are looked at with pity and sympathy because it is believed that a life partner eluded them. But what people often don’t understand that many people in India are now single by choice and they just love their single life.And this is even more true because there are more and more single women in India. In the 2011 Census, it was seen that single women in the age group of 25-29 grew by 68 per cent between 2001 and 2011 in rural areas. The same thing is happening in cities. There are 12.3 million women who have never married and are single.People who live alone share their helpful, funny, and inspiring stories about living alone in this area. They share the fun, the satisfaction, and, sometimes, the loneliness, as well as the judgement from society. Check out this part to learn what single life is like for men and women in India.

Live-in And Open Relationship

Intimacy and sex before marriage have become more common in the last few decades. This has led to more live-in and open partnerships. The idea of “live-in relationships” has gotten a lot of support from young people and a small number of open-minded people from the age before us.

Even a decade back a live-in couple in the neighbourhood would make the neighbours curious but now it is more accepted. Indian youth are also more open to test the waters in a relationship through living in first, before accepting marriage.

People’s slow but steady acceptance of “open marriages” is probably the biggest change we can see in relationships today. Men and women today are open about how they feel about open weddings and live-in relationships, and they go on with their lives as usual. Jump to our Live-In and Open category to read inspiring articles about how live-in and open relationships give us the freedom to try new things, keep us happy, and probably also help reduce the number of failed marriages compared to traditional “blind” marriages.

Spirituality and Mythology On Relation-

Even though many people don’t know it, marriage and married life are one way to get to heaven. To reach this goal, both partners need to know a bit about how to live as a married pair and about the spirituality and mythology of India, from Tantra to the Kama Sutra. In our Spirituality and Mythology area, you can get a new look at how Hindus think about love, relationships, and sexuality.

You can read about how Radha and Krishna loved each other and how Krishna was with Rukmini. There are great pieces about Shiva and Sati, and there are also stories that show how the lessons of the Mahabharata are still important today. Mandodari, Urmila, and Kannaki, who aren’t as well-known, also teach us important lessons about life. This part is like a treasure chest full of old advice about relationships.

Relationship Advice

  • Emotional Stress –There’s no denying that having an affair outside of your marriage can make you feel like a teenager in love again. When you see “The One,” your heart races, and you feel an emotional and physical link outside of your relationship. But as time goes on, cheating is sure to make you feel bad.Stress could be felt by the person who finds out about the affair or by the person who has to constantly deal with guilt over cheating and live a life of lies.Over time, mental stress builds up because of extramarital affairs, and as a result, some couples decide to split up, some stay in unhappy marriages and try to deal with the stress on their own, and some go to a counsellor to try to work things out. In this part, Bonobology stories talk about how extramarital affairs can cause mental stress and how people decide to deal with it.
  • Suffering and Healing –In interactions, people hurt each other. They also heal. But pain and getting better don’t always go hand in hand. Physical abuse and rape in a marriage are very bad things that many people have to go through in their relationships. But pain can also happen when one partner is very self-centered or unaware of the emotional needs of the other. Years of being ignored and always fighting can also cause pain, and it takes time to get better.In this part, Astrogyan tells stories of people who went through hard times but still found the strength to get through them and move on. They lived to tell the story and got well enough to start over. There is the story of the housewife whose cruel husband almost killed her, but she saved herself. There is also the story of the new bride whose husband locked her up and used her as a sex slave. There are pieces about how to get out of bad relationships and how to deal with things like “ghosting” and “stalking” that can be very scary. Read on to learn more.
  • Unhealthy Relationship –  12 Signs That Your Partner Is Emotionally Unstable and How to Deal With Them
    Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder (EUPD), also known as Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), is a mental illness that severely impacts a person’s ability to regulate their emotions. This loss of emotional control can increase impulsivity, affect how a person feels about themselves, and negatively impact their relationships with others. But not everyone with mental instability has EUPD or a disorder like it. But everyone with a personality problem is likely to have a hard time controlling their feelings.