Arranged Marriage

India has come a long way, and the way people date there has changed a lot. However, for some reason, arranged weddings are still more common than love marriages.

Indian guys go to college and get good jobs abroad, but they still want to get married to a woman chosen by their parents. The same is true for Indian women who are well-educated and successful. They are also going for arranged marriages because that would provide them with comfort and parity.

It’s true that arranged marriages in India have a much higher chance of lasting than love marriages. This is because the bride and groom’s families are involved in arranged marriages and make choices that are best for the bride and groom.

But there are still problems in arranged weddings. Family help turns into family meddling a lot of the time. Sometimes a person’s mind and body don’t work well together, and sometimes a planned marriage doesn’t live up to what was expected.

There are also a lot of stories about how brides fell in love with their partners after a planned marriage and have been each other’s rock through all of life’s ups and downs. Enjoy these stories of planned marriages on astrology advice for problems in married life.

In Laws

Strangely, people have different feelings about the word “in-laws,” and most of the time, those feelings are not good. The word “in-laws” makes you think of an old couple who are bossy, meddlesome, rude, and sometimes obsessive.

There are a lot of stories about how in-laws, especially the mother-in-law, can make a marriage bad, even if the pair moves out of the house and moves to a different city. There are stories about how mothers-in-law ruined marriages, and there are also stories about how mothers-in-law went everywhere with a couple.

But Astrogyan thinks that a story should be told from more than one point of view. Because of this, there are beautiful stories about how women became close to their mothers-in-law and how their support helped them succeed. There is a story about a woman who stayed best friends with her ex-husband’s mother even after she got divorced. Yes, the stories about the in-laws will keep you interested.

Loveless Marriage

You might wonder how a marriage can be without love. But it’s real. There are a lot of marriages where the pair never fell in love or where the love died after a few years, but they still stay together for the rest of their lives.

We all know that a marriage takes work all the time. But sometimes a pair stops working on it and drifts apart, ending up in a marriage where they don’t love each other. They go about their daily lives, working, doing jobs around the house, and taking care of the kids, but they don’t talk much at the dinner table or in bed.

It hurts to be in a marriage where there is no love. It hurts even more when one person still loves the other, but the other has moved on. No more birthday presents or dinner dates, and no more mental support or physical closeness. A woman writes a letter to her husband about how unloved she feels, and another woman talks about how marital rape took away her chance to love her man. Another woman said she regretted marrying the man she loved. He was a lot better as a boyfriend, but he changed a lot when he got married. The stories are powerful and different.

Married Romance

Love in a marriage is the most beautiful thing there is. Even after they’ve been married for years, some people still give each other flowers and say sweet things. What do they do? You might wonder.

People say that passion tends to fade after marriage, but love gets stronger. But how do you keep the love going? This part of Astrology is a real treat. It has everything from tips on how to keep your marriage sweet to real-life confessions from married couples about their love lives.

Some of our tips are about how to make your partner feel wanted, loved, and happy. How to set up surprises like dates and trips. Couples talk about how they fell in love again after their kids moved out, and another couple talks about how they write each other love letters. A married pair said that their love affair began 23 years after they tied the knot. We would say that is a true love story.

New Age Couples

He might be the one making dinner after a long day at the office, while she might be the one with more money at the end of the day. He might be in charge of getting the kids ready for school, and she might be in charge of planning the family budget and keeping an eye on the investment.

The roles of men and women are changing, and so are the social rules that govern weddings. So, in the New-Age Couples area of Astrogyan, you’ll find all kinds of stories about how Indian marriages are changing for the better.

There are stories about men who refused to pay dowry when they got married and instead became househusbands to help their wives get jobs.

There are stories about how celebrities make their marriages work and how they spend time with their families. In New-Age Marriages, both men and women have taken on new roles and tried to change the way society works. Our attention is on this.

Marriage and Children

If you think getting married is a big moment in your life, wait until you have kids. When new people join a couple’s lives, it completely changes how they work together.

Focus quickly shifts from each other to the child. This is a time when the bond could get stronger or problems could start because one partner might feel left out while the other is obsessed with the child.

After a baby is born, there is less time for physical closeness, which is also hard on the marriage. Astrogyan tells you how to deal with your marriage when you’re pregnant and have kids. Even if there’s a baby in the room, it’s important to make time for each other and slowly get closer. There are funny stories about what to do when a child walks in on an intimate moment (though it’s not so funny at that point) and how having a child changes the relationship between a pair. Read on for some great advice.

Pregnancy And Kids

If you think getting married is a turning point in your life, just wait till you have children. The dynamics of a partnership are drastically altered when additional family members enter their lives.

Having a kid instantly changes the couple’s attention away from each other and towards the child, which can be a time of strengthening the bond or the beginning of problems if one partner feels ignored while the other is preoccupied with the child.

After a kid is born, physical intimacy often takes a backseat, which may be hard on a couple’s relationship. How to navigate the challenges of parenthood is the subject of astrogyan. Even with a newborn in the house, parents should make time for each other and slowly rekindle sexual connection. hilarious anecdotes abound on how to react when a child walks in on you in the midst of an intimate moment (not so hilarious at that point, but nevertheless). Excellent suggestions await you below.

Second Marriage

Second marriages, like second chances, are a part of life. It’s been believed that people learn from their mistakes in their first marriage and have more success in their second. There are many happy endings to second marriages. A newlywed couple in their forties decided to quit smoking for the sake of their health and their future together. People in second marriages are more dedicated to making the union succeed because they are appreciative for the second chance that life has given them.

However, there is another aspect to remarrying. The emotional scars from a previous union can linger into a second one, and when there are children involved, things can get very tricky. It’s common for people’s second marriages to be more difficult.

After experiencing the emotional turmoil of a previous marriage’s dissolution, people are understandably hesitant to go through another divorce. So, it’s possible that the toxicity of a second marriage would increase. The pros and cons of second marriages are presented in Astrogyan.

Working On The Marriage

This sort of event occurs frequently. A marriage that doesn’t require effort won’t last. But exactly what does it mean to “work on marriage”? As a result, you should always go the additional mile to make your significant other feel appreciated and maintain a strong emotional and physical bond.

This section of Working On The Marriage has some fascinating true stories. Marriages that have been in therapy share their strategies. Time and open dialogue are often cited as the most valuable presents a couple can give to one another. After then, it’s time to put in some work to learn about each other’s perspectives and quirks.

A drug-addicted husband was healed by his wife, who also told us how she and her husband restored their romance by taking a trip without the kids.

There will always be difficulties in a marriage. How one responds to difficulties in the marriage is also crucial to fixing it.