We all know that transits are a very important part of astrology. This is because each of the Navagrahas, or nine planets, can have an effect on our lives in a certain way. In Vedic astronomy, the Moon, Sun, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu are some of the planets that are mostly taken into account. Without a doubt, their changes from one sign to another can have important effects on us.

All of the things that are happening in our lives can be traced back to these planets and how they move through the different zodiac signs. This can cause big or small changes in our lives. They can also control many different parts of our lives.

For example, Chandrama, or the Moon, represents the mind. In the same way, the Sun is called a “royal planet” and is in charge of our Kundli’s government job and service chances. Venus, also known as the morning star, is seen as a sign of love and marriage, while Mercury, or Budh in Hindi, is seen as a sign of our intelligence. Jupiter is mostly about our health, and Saturn is about our “Karma,” or deeds, and how they affect our lives. So, it is very important for us to know when and where they are in motion so that we can keep track of the changes they may bring into our lives.

Now, each planet doesn’t move at exactly the same speed. Some of them move slowly, and others are very scared. For example, Saturn moves very slowly, while Mercury moves very quickly. Considering this, it is impossible for a single person to keep track of how this planet moves. But they are very important to us and the way our lives are changing. We’re here to make things easier for you and make sure you don’t miss out on the latest news in the world of astrology by giving you all the information you need about the transits of all the important Navagrahas.

2023 Transits

Month Date Transit
January 02 January, 2023 Mercury Combust In Sagittarius
January 13 January, 2023 Mars Direct In Taurus
January 13 January, 2023 Mercury Rise In Sagittarius
January 14 January, 2023 Sun Transit In Capricorn
January 17 January, 2023 Saturn Transit 2023
January 18 January, 2023 Mercury Direct In Sagittarius
January 22 January, 2023 Venus Transit In Aquarius
January 30 January, 2023 Saturn Combust In Aquarius
February 07 February, 2023 Mercury Transit In Capricorn
February 13 February, 2023 Sun Transit In Aquarius
February 15 February, 2023 Venus Transit In Pisces
February 27 February, 2023 Mercury Transit In Aquarius
February 28 February, 2023 Mercury Combust In Aquarius
March 06 March, 2023 Saturn Rise In Aquarius
March 12 March, 2023 Venus Transit In Aries
March 13 March, 2023 Mars Transit In Gemini
March 15 March, 2023 Sun Transit In Pisces
March 16 March, 2023 Mercury Transit In Pisces
March 28 March, 2023 Jupiter Combust In Pisces
March 31 March, 2023 Mercury Rise In Aries
March 31 March, 2023 Mercury Transit In Aries
April 06 April, 2023 Venus Transit In Taurus
April 14 April, 2023 Sun Transit In Aries
April 21 April, 2023 Mercury Retrograde In Aries
April 22 April, 2023 Jupiter Transit 2023
April 23 April, 2023 Mercury Combust In Aries
April 27 April, 2023 Jupiter Rise In Aries
May 02 May, 2023 Venus Transit In Gemini
May 10 May, 2023 Mars Transit In Cancer
May 10 May, 2023 Mercury Rise In Aries
May 15 May, 2023 Sun Transit In Taurus
May 15 May, 2023 Mercury Direct In Aries
May 30 May, 2023 Venus Transit In Cancer
June 07 June, 2023 Mercury Transit In Taurus
June 15 June, 2023 Sun Transit In Gemini
June 17 June, 2023 Saturn Retrograde In Aquarius
June 24 June, 2023 Mercury Transit in Gemini
June 19 June, 2023 Mercury Combust In Taurus
July 1 July, 2023 Mars Transit In Leo
July 7 July, 2023 Venus Transit In Leo
July 8 July, 2023 Mercury Transit in Cancer
July 14 July, 2023 Mercury Rise In Cancer
August 18th August, 2023 Venus Rise In Cancer
August 24 August, 2023 Mercury Retrograde In Leo
July 16 July, 2023 Sun Transit In Cancer
July 23 July, 2023 Venus Retrograde In Cancer
July 25 July, 2023 Mercury Transit in Leo
August 07 August, 2023 Venus Transit In Cancer
August 08 August, 2023 Retrograde And Combust Venus In Cancer
August 17 August, 2023 Sun Transit In Leo
August 18 August, 2023 Mars Transit In Virgo
October 30 October, 2023 Rahu Transit 2023
October 30 October, 2023 Ketu Transit 2023