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These are just the general predictions for the 12 signs according to Western Astrology.


These are just the general predictions for the 12 signs according to Western Astrology.


These are just the general predictions for the 12 signs according to Western Astrology.

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Traditional Hindu astronomy in India says that the word “Jyotisha” comes from the Sanskrit word “jyótis,” which means “light, the heavenly body.” Hindu astrology of all horoscopes is the most important part of astrological study in India(Chandigarh). This area of knowledge, especially the science of light (Jyotish Vidya), is very old. It has been around since the Vedic period. Vedic Astrology says that a person’s fate is determined by the way the stars and planets line up. The idea says that everything in this world and in the universe is linked to everything else. Karma is what controls a person’s past, present, and future, and it works in a circular way. The body of a person is just a label, and the soul keeps moving from one body to another as the person is born again and again at different times and places. Vedic astrology in Chandigarh says that being born on this world is like a flower blooming: it happens at the right time, in the right place, and at the right season.


In Jyotish Vidya, the most important thing to look at is a person’s birth chart. The birth chart is like a road plan that helps the astrologer in Chandigarh find the person’s zodiac and figure out what will happen in the future. The natal chart is made by taking into account the exact time and place of birth. The research is done based on where the planets were at that exact moment in time. The best Vedic astrologer in Chandigarh says that these positions finally show a person’s “dasha,” or the colourful timeline he or she will travel through during his or her life. So, the houses, planets, and zodiac signs in your birth chart will show what will happen, and your dasha will show when it will happen. In Vedic astrology in daily life, people are not only judged by their sun signs, but also by their personalities. The Vedic astrologer in Chandigarh starts studying a person’s natal chart by looking at the “ascendant,” which is the rising constellation on the Earth’s horizon at the time of their birth. In the birth chart, the picture of the planets and stars shows how the person gets along with the other planets and what kind of person they are.


Western astrology is always about where the planets are and what that means for people’s lives. The Greeks came up with Western astrology about 2,000 to 3,000 years ago. They thought that the Sun, which is at the centre of the solar system, has the strongest connection to Earth. This particular ball of fire affects the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn on Earth, which in turn affects all the living things on the world. This is why Tropical astrology is another name for Western astrology. This part of astronomy says that a new year starts on or around March 22. This is because March 22 is the first day of spring and the Vernal Equinox, which is the day when day and night are the same length. When the Romans were in charge, January 1 was the first day of the New Year. But this rule has nothing to do with astrology. People also say that Aries, which is thought to be the first sign of the zodiac, is put at the time of the Vernal Equinox, then the other signs.

Vedic Astrology is a very old way of looking at the stars that is different from Western astrology. It’s a 5,000-year-old science that doesn’t say which sign comes first or how to start or stop counting the twelve zodiacs. Vedic astrology, on the other hand, is based more on the sidereal zodiac, which is made up of set stars or constellations that help figure out where all the planets are going. They don’t study how the Earth works with the Sun, but they say that the changing equinoxes have led them astray. Vedic astronomy always talks about “Ayanamsha,” which is the turning of the Earth on its axis over time. Because all the planets are always shaking, the equinoxes move forward by almost a minute every year. So, every 72 years, a whole day is lost because the Earth turns. In Vedic astrology, there is a provision for this, so all twelve zodiac signs have to adjust to this and step back by a day to make forecasts that make more sense.


Astrogyan , the best astrologer in Chandigarh Mohali, says that Vedic astrology is a very well-developed form of astrology that is based on real information and tried-and-true methods. Astrology is a science that is always changing to keep up with how the world is changing. In religion, people do have to believe in the measures and results and finally follow them correctly. This is not the case in mathematics. It is clear that people will have a better future if they have the best information and wisdom.


Are you having trouble getting ahead in your career? Do you get upset when you don’t get a raise or job or when your hard work goes unnoticed? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, don’t worry because we Astrogyan here to help in Chandigarh Mohali. We can help you get your job off the ground by giving you career report services. The expert astrologers in India who make the career astrology report can help you find good jobs based on the person’s birth chart. Career horoscope report is made by taking both Vedic and Western astrology into account. This helps you understand your work profile, career possibilities, and opportunities for the future. If you talk to our expert astrologer in Chandigarh, you can plan your future and avoid pitfalls. Aside from that, our career prediction helps you reach your goals, gives you deep insights, and points you in the right way so that your hard work at work or school is recognised.

Career Astrology By Best Astrologer in India

Get helpful astrological advice based on your birth chart.
Report made by our professional astrologer
Get the right help and tips to make a good living.
Career forecasts with a high level of accuracy and accuracy
The report will be sent in 7 days.
Think carefully about what to do.
Find out about any risks or problems in your job.

Job Horoscope By Best Astrologer In India

Everyone wants to know what will happen. Sometimes it’s about specific things, like schooling, career, job, time of marriage, etc. But out of all of them, job prediction is the one that people ask for the most. So, if you are someone who is eager to find out about your job or future, we are here to help you.

Most of the time, an astrologer in Chandigarh who has a lot of information and is a great guide can offer career astrology services. To make the job report page, all an astrologer needs to know is the exact date of birth of the client. But it doesn’t just make guesses; it also tries to give detailed information about specific things.

It has all kinds of hints that can help you come up with new ideas and learn other important things about your job. With the help of the best astrologer in Chandigarh, many professionals can make their dreams come true by thriving and succeeding in their chosen jobs.

Job Astrologers

When you want to find out about your job, you have a lot of choices. But what sets us apart from everyone else is that we work with knowledgeable, experienced, and reliable psychics. We don’t rush. Instead, we carefully listen to your problems and try to get to the bottom of them so we can give you good job astrology predictions in Chandigarh.

We figure out the best and most effective ways to help you based on the information you give us and the horoscope report. Aside from that, our astrologers don’t see giving you an answer as the end goal, but rather as a way to help you through the whole process.

Some of the suggested treatments that worked for most of our clients are listed below:

Chanting phrase
Recommendations for precious stones
Other simple tips for job problems based on your kundali reading

Don’t worry if you don’t know what you want to do with your job or aren’t sure what it is. Also, if you’re having trouble at work, like not getting the pay, promotions, or results you want, we have answers for everyone. There have been many cases of problems with the boss or with coworkers. It is not hard to solve these problems.

With our career prediction by birth date services, we can help you find answers to questions about your job or future. These questions could be about your schooling, what you want to study next, what field you want to work in, etc. In the same way, our kundali reading for work service helps us figure out why you’re having trouble in your education or job.

Our career prediction by date of birth service can help you with any question you have about your future. And at the same time give you an idea of what you can do to make the situation better. You can send us an email or give us a call to ask for help. We promise to answer you right away and come up with ideas that work for you.


Since the beginning of time, people have wanted to know and understand what happens to other people. Because of this curiosity, the world of predictive studies or the different services of astrology came into being. Palmistry, which is also called Chiromancy, is a part of the science of astrology that is used to make predictions. It is really strange how a person’s hands can tell so much about them. Each line on a person’s palm shows a character or event that has happened in the past or will happen in the future, as well as the person’s current state of mind. Just like no two people have the same fingerprints, no two people have the same hand lines. The study is actually very hard, and anyone who isn’t an expert in palmistry can’t just figure out the hidden codes. Also, interpretations can’t just be thrown in any general way. Each person’s life is a journey, and the lines on their palms show how dynamic that path will be. Unknown to most people is that the lines on a person’s hand change as they get older, and along with those lines, their fate also changes. In fact, palmistry predictions have to take into account even the shape, size, length, and colour of your fingers. The study isn’t temporary; it has to go on forever, or at least until the person dies. Let’s talk about some of the most important parts of this science.


Everyone has a busy hand and a passive hand. The busy hand is the one that does most of the work or is in charge of everything. It shows the big changes in a person’s life. The inactive hand is the non-dominant hand and shows what a person is really like. When reading the palms, you should look at both the active and the inactive hands.

The form of a person’s hands can also tell a lot about who they are as a whole. It needs to be looked at in terms of the colour of the skin as well as the shape, size, and length of each finger. But there are three main groups of hands:

Square hands have fingers and tips that are small and square. People with square hands are very practical, powerful, and in charge. Their palms are big and a little bit long.

Conic hands: A conic hand is wide at the base and narrow at the fingers. It is long, smooth, and pointed at the tips. The palm is the right size and shape, and the hands look beautiful as a whole. People with these kinds of hands are artsy and creative in general.

This type of hand looks like a club, and the fingers are small and have square tips. The skin is rough, and there are clear lines on the palm. People with basic hands are reliable and work hard. They are also humble and down-to-earth.

Spatulate hands are square-shaped and have a wide base and a small thumb. Most of the time, these hands are bigger than they are long, with thick palms and deep lines. People with Spatulate hands are outgoing, friendly, and easy to get along with.

Philosophical hands are very strong, long, and have long fingers. People with fleshy fingers tend to be great thinkers, great diplomats, and people who like to be alone.

Psychic hands are long and thin, and the palm is narrow and thin. People think that people with psychic hands are optimistic, patient, and creative.

Mixed hands: A person with a mixed hand has a square palm and fingers that look different from person to person. People with mixed hands are very flexible and caring, and they make good bosses because they can do more than one thing at once.

THE MAIN PALM LINES: Out of all the lines on your palm, the lifeline, the heart line, the title, and the fate line are the most important. The fourth line doesn’t appear in any of them.

In palmistry, the life line is the curved line that runs from the base of the thumb to the index finger. Many people do think that this line can tell how long you will live. But it actually stands for the joy, success, and wealth in your life.
The heart line on your palm shows how your heart affects your body and mind. It runs almost horizontally across your palm and has a small curve. It’s a big part of how you make decisions in your life.
The headline: It’s in the middle of the hand, between the lifeline and the heartline, and it shows how your mind and brain are doing.
In palmistry, the fate line goes almost straight up from the bottom of the hand to the middle. It shows a person’s success, job, and money.
Money line in palmistry: These are the straight lines under the ring and little fingers.
The length, depth, and clarity of the lines on the palm are used to make estimates. When a baby is still in its mother’s womb, it makes a fist. The strength of the lines on the hand depends on how hard the fist was made. The whole process relies on how well the mother is physically and mentally, as well as how well the foetus is. When a baby is healthy, the lines will be stronger. But this has nothing to do with where we’re going. For example, a weak baby with a fading pulse doesn’t have to die young. In fact, this person can live longer than a healthy baby whose heart is deeper. It all depends on the guy and how he wants to live his life.

The Small Lines on the Palm –SunLine: It shows how creative and self-confident a person is.
Bracelet Lines: They show how wealthy and long-lived a person is.
Children Lines: They show how many children a person might have.
Girdle of Venus: It shows how excited and scared a person is.
Health Line: It shows how healthy a person is in general.
Intuition Line: It shows how much a person trusts their instincts.
Relationship Line: This line shows a person’s weddings, relationships, and affairs.
Simian Line: This line is rare, and it only shows up when the heart line and the head line are not there. The Simian line shows where the two lines come together, and people who have it are very stubborn.
Ring of Jupiter: This shows that a person is a boss.
Ring of Saturn: It shows that a person is a pessimist.
The Ring of Apollo shows anything that gets in the way of a person’s imagination.
What’s on Your Palm –

Mount Venus is the place that decides how much love, passion, and beauty a person has in their life.
Mount of Jupiter: It shows how powerful and successful a person is.
Mount Saturn is a symbol of a person’s patience and sense of duty.
Mount of Sun: It shows how caring a person is.
Mount of Mercury is a symbol of how flexible and able to change a person is.
Mount of Moon: It shows how creative a person is.
Mount of Mars shows how strong a person is when they have to deal with problems and fights.
Palmistry is an interesting subject to learn about. A person’s palm also has a number of marks, each of which has a deep meaning. When figuring out someone’s future, a palm reader should think about all of these things and then decide what kind of person they are.


Well, if you’re new to astrology for business success and don’t know how it works, here’s a summary of what you can expect from your business report.

If the business is in your birth chart, you should do it.
Based on your birth chart, what will be the best business for you?
What are some new things that your business could do?
When and where should you start your new business?
Fitting for Dasha to start the new business.
Will having a partner help you, or are you better off on your own?
What can you do to make your business better?
Advice on how to make more money
When would be a good time for your business, which is already up and running?
How long do you think your business will last?
Lastly, exact and effective ways to solve the problems that are coming up in your business


Marriage is a big part of our society and beliefs, and it is an important part of our lives. “Marriages are made in heaven.” This is a very well-known saying that has some truth to it, since no one can tell who will marry who. Even if two people are deeply in love with each other, they may not end up getting married. On the other hand, two different people who have never met before getting married may end up getting married.


Do you want to find out what your cash problems and opportunities are? Before you take any steps towards a chance, it’s best to know how well off you’ll be financially in the near future. With our astrology forecast services in Chandigarh and wealth horoscope by date of birth, you can easily find answers to all of your questions and worries.

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Phone Consultation

When it comes to getting help from a professional, astrology advice over the phone is a much better and more convenient service. Since calling an astrologer on the phone is a live and immediate way to solve a problem, it can be done quickly.

Personalised Prediction

Why Predictions Based on Your Personal Horoscope? Everyone’s job has been changed by the year 2020. Many people trust their own views of the future to help them make the right choices. Personalised horoscopes can tell us what’s in store for us in the future.

Ask 3 Questions

Do you worry about what will happen? Are you sad or worried about the problems in your life? Ask our expert three questions about your money, your job or business, your love life or marriage, or your health, and he or she will give you an accurate answer.

Marriage Prediction

Marriage is a big part of our society and beliefs, and it is an important part of our lives. “Marriages are made in heaven.” This is a very well-known saying that has some truth to it, since no one can tell who will marry who.

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