Venus is about delight, particularly joy imparted to another person. This planet worries about affection, sentiment and agreement in our enthusiastic connections, relationships, fellowships and different associations (like business organizations). Venus is substance to spread bliss and delicacy, meanwhile showing us how to adore and like others and the things that we have.

We seem alluring — and we draw in others — on account of Venus’ energy. Associating with and identifying with others are imperative to this planet.

Excellence is additionally emphatically connected with Venus. Expressions of the human experience (music, dance, show and writing, to give some examples) and a feeling of the stylish fall inside the domain of Venus. Venus implores us to enjoy our faculties and revel in the excellence of our reality. This planet is inseparably connected to refinement, culture, appeal and elegance.

Venus likewise manages the joy we get from our assets. Extravagances (gems, compositions, costly vehicles), great food and drink, a wonderful home and a feeling of refinement all please Venus’ inclinations. This planet requests us to see the value in the flawless nature from things. It’s an erotic — however not really sexual — world taking everything into account.

Venus requires 225 days to finish its circle of the zodiac; it is never in excess of 47 degrees from the Sun. It is a female energy and rules both Taurus and Libra, and the Second and Seventh Houses.

Sanskrit word- Shukra

Day- Friday

Relationship- Spouse, wife

Sex- Female

Direction- South East


Color- Rainbow White

Gem- Diamond

Type- Benefic


Neutrals- Mars, Jupiter

Aspects- ‘7

Own sign- Taurus, Libra


Love, beauty, spouse, lover, harmony, romance, partnership, refinement, marriage, style, elegance, peace, joy, charm, happiness, fortune, good luck, delight, virtue, purity, sincerity, honesty, gentleness, amiability, affection, kindness, female qualities, sensitivity,  womanliness, attraction, lustre, curly hair, splendour, vanity, glamour, fashion, flowers, cosmetics, scents, silk, art, dance, music, perfumes, singing, drama, cinema, poetry, literature, theatre, painting, wealth, luxuries, gems, comforts, jewellery, conveyances  horses, elephants, co-operation, friendship, devotion, sexual pleasures, potency, seduction.

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