The Twelfth House or the Dwadash Bhava of the Vedic Horoscope/Birth Chart is known as “Vyaya Bhava”. Twelfth House is the place of misfortune, separation and giving up. It is the place of costs.

The parts of twelfth place of the Kundli are feet, left eye, misfortunes, squanders, excursion to far away removed land, constrainment in jail, unfamiliar spots, medical clinic, joys of bed, secret adversaries, gifts, consumptions, getting a charge out of extravagances, partition from own kin, end of workers, distress and sins, moksha, and so on

The all around set twelfth house ruler in the Vedic Horoscope/Kundli means the genuine feeling of taking birth. It assists the local with beating misfortunes and uses and comprehends the pattern of unity with God. Accomplishing Moksha is a definitive point of the person.

As indicated by Kaalpurush outline, Pisces Sign involves the Twelfth Bhava of the Vedic Birth Chart. This sign is watery and double in nature.

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