As the sun advances light, so it delivers life. This planet (otherwise called a light and a star) addresses oneself, one’s character and sense of self, the soul and what it is that makes the individual exceptional. It is our character and our face to the world. The sun additionally addresses innovative capacity and the force of the person to address the difficulties of regular daily existence.

One’s father, and other male impacts are managed by the sun, as are kids. The sun’s energy is a strong one, and afterward comes authority, the capacity to lead. Through the desire of this planet, we figure out how to show ourselves on the planet.

The sun is glorious, and with regards to its grand air, it rules sovereignty and higher office. This sphere additionally reigns over our wellbeing and prosperity. The sun’s brilliant gleam is a fundamental life power which pervades us with strength, energy, and a will to succeed. The sun invigorates different planets, which is the reason this planet involves a critical part in crystal gazing.

The sun goes through about a month visiting each sign and requires a year to travel through the 12 indications of the zodiac. It is manly energy and rules Leo and the fifth house.

  • Sanskrit word- Surya
  • Day- Sunday
  • Relationship- Father
  • Sex- Male
  • Direction- East
  • Element-Fire
  • Colour- Ruby Red
  • Gem- Red Ruby
  • Type- Malefic
  • Metal-Gold
  • Neutrals- Mercury
  • Aspects- ‘7


Sun connotes the Atman, conscience, the Self, all things considered, the exact self, body, mental fortitude, power, imperativeness, general wellbeing, consciousness, feeling of uniqueness, innovative, sovereignty, honorability, authority, individual attraction, arranging power, brilliance, moxy, triumph, honor, aspiration, initiative, pride, motivation, zing, boldness, innovativeness, excitement, general achievement, solidness, character, dependability, character, effortlessness, , regard for elderly folks, liberality, doctoring limit, spots of love, city centers, royal residences, mountains, timberlands.

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