The 6th house or the Shashtham Bhava of the Vedic Horoscope/Birth Chart is known as “Shatru Bhava and Ripu Bhava”. 6th house is the place of foe and infection. This house educates us concerning local’s illness, his foes and his solidarity to prevail upon anything.

The qualities of 6th place of the Kundli are maritime region, digestive organs, stomach related plot, stresses, challenges, sicknesses, adversaries, troubles, obligations, hindrances, difficult work, encourage for flawlessness, serious forces, clashes, every day work, nursing, subordinates, occupants, extraordinary agony, cases, and so forth

A very much positioned 6th house ruler in the Vedic Horoscope/Kundli gives us ability to battle sicknesses and serious nature.

As indicated by Kaalpurush outline, Virgo Sign involves the Sixth Bhava of the Vedic Birth Chart. This sign is hearty and double in nature.

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