Saturn doesn’t make things simple. That is the job of the drill sergeant of the zodiac. Saturn orders us to will work and to buckle down. Order and duty are imperative to this planet, yet in case we’re anxious to vanquish the world, that is alright, too.In keeping with the progression of time, Saturn administers mature age alongside the exercises it instructs us. Learning life’s exercises is vital to this planet, with regards to its part as instructor. The magnificence of more seasoned age additionally carries with it a specific feeling of custom, expectedness (our learned examples of conduct) and intelligence, and Saturn is aware of these attributes. This planet commends our tirelessness and the way that we’ve withstood the trial of time (indeed, opportunity arrives up by and by). This senior status further carries with it a proportion of power, and Saturn lords over that as well.In Astrology, Shani implies which moves slowly. Saturn has additionally been called after his tendency. It moves gradually and consistently. It requires about 2.5 year to cross a zodiac sign. Saturn is primarily a tremendous planet. It addresses elderly individuals.

Sanskrit word- Shani

Day- Saturday

Relationship- Grandparents.

Sex- Neutral

Direction- West


Color- Darkness

Gem- Blue Saphire

Type- Malefic


Neutrals- Jupiter

Aspects- ‘3-7-10

Own sign- Capricorn, Aquarius

God- Kali


Perfection, conscience, introspection, discipline, detachment, yoga, meditation, gateway to enlightenment, inner silence, inner guru, metaphysics, religion, philosophy, grief, depression, monasteries, patience, endurance, responsibility, seriousness, persistence, sense of duty, obstacles, problems, slowness, frustration, coolness, contraction, caution, separating influence, suspicion, reservation, discovery, invention, exploration, science, long-term or chronic situation, suffering, time, the past, labourer, servant, anything mechanical, factories, coal, mining industries, oil, agriculture. When afflicted it signifies slow, sceptical, fearful, indifferent, incompetent and cruel.

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