Rahu is an incredible planet by our Rishis and soothsayers. Essentially, Rahu importance in soothsaying presents malefic impact. It is viewed as a languid planet showing lack of sanitization, obstacles and postponements

Moon and Sun eclipses happen because of Ketu and rahu who gobble up them when they approach. In this manner Rahu and Ketu render their retribution from Moon and Sun. Mysteriously, Rahu and Ketu are the enemies of the Moon and the Sun

Whenever put negative in a astrology, it can make misery, confusion and passionate characteristics. It additionally has the influence to make an individual mainstream and well off. During its Mahadasha or travel, an individual is inclined to fall prey of dark magic. It is incredible when set in eleventh, third and sixth place of a horoscope.

rahu takes 1.5 years to change it zodiac sign

Sanskrit word- Rahu

Sex- Female

Color- Smoky

Gem- Hessonite

Type- Malefic

Metal- Graphite, Lead

Body Part- Hair, excretory organ

God- Saraswati


Materialism, transformation, Worldliness, excitement, sudden changes,  glamour, intelligence, fame, illusion, fear, phobia, revolts, insanity, deformation, rebellion, science, technology, psychology, sophistication, psychiatry, initiation, destination, metaphysics, reincarnation, distraction, disturbance, separation, dividedness, roughness, passion, obstacles, lust, greed, drugs, addiction, confusion, inconsistency, cheating, theft, robbery, speculation, gambling, strangeness, foreigners, disguise, invasion, evacuation, epidemic, inundation, hiccup, radio, electronic gadgets, noise, black magic, sorcery, high technology, garbage and waste materials.

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