As the leader of the tides, it is said that the Moon ought to be the leader of our feelings. Still waters run profound? Causing a ripple effect? A wellspring of feeling? Indeed, our feelings have for quite some time been depicted as far as the ocean: liquid, groundbreaking, agitating from the inside. Emotional episodes, intuition, what we feel about things and how our sentiments mean for others are completely affected by the Moon. While the Sun gives us our soul, the Moon gives us our spirit.

The Moon is goddess-like in that it represents mother and the connection among lady and kid. This planet (otherwise called an illuminating presence) addresses the ladies in one’s day to day existence and their part as nurturer. Richness, pregnancy and labor are additionally represented by the Moon. We see the Moon projecting its gleaming shine from our soonest minutes, when we were stroked and touched by our mom and felt her delicate touch.

Our feelings show themselves through our being and established the pace for our day by day lives. The Moon is involved with this continuum, delivering us fundamental one second and delicate the following. We’re here and there, insidious or pleasant, and may chuckle uncontrollably or cry voluntarily. Through the Moon’s energy, we try to accommodate these shifted feelings to make ourselves complete and one with the world. The Moon likewise assists us with seeing what we need, and to utilize memory and the past as a feature of this interaction.

The Moon spends around 2 1/2 days in each sign and requires 28 days to circumnavigate the zodiac. It is female energy and rules Cancer and the Fourth House.

Sanskrit word- Chandra

Day- Monday

Relationship- Mother

Sex- Female

Direction- North West


Colour- White

Gem- Pearl


Neutrals- All others

Aspects- ‘7

Own sign- Cancer


Moon connotes mind (manas), sentiments, dispositions, likes, feelings, wants, creative mind, vision, delicate quality, enchanting eyes, memory, energy, picture, fascinate, ladylike inclinations, childhood love, assurance, sustenance, youth, development, ladies, sentiment, joys, festivities, entertainment, singing, fruitfulness, vegetation, chuckling, spices, grains, versatility, horticulture, adaptability, sound judgment, general assessment, ubiquity, habits, affectability, delicacy, pleasantness, delicious natural products, sweetmeats, milk, fluids, water, streams, seas, sailors, watery spots, anglers, voyaging specialists, ventures, cafés, washing places, well known hotels, restrooms, nurseries. At the point when tormented it implies insecurity, absence of mental equilibrium, helpless capacities, delays, obstructions, crankiness, negativity, excess and despairing.

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