Mercury, similar as the winged courier of the divine beings, comes in on quill light wings and orders us to communicate
. Correspondence, mind and mindfulness are all inside Mercury’s area, as are rationale and thinking, our way of reasoning, and how we make and express our perspectives.

Mercury in Hindu Astrology addresses the intelligence and mind, and rules Gemini and Virgo. Mercury is a breezy planet, associated with all types of correspondence and out-stream and in-progression of correspondence and insight. Its position shows how the psychological capacity will be communicated, and where abilities and strategies are accessible to you.Mercury is about short excursions: a visit to a neighbor or a companion across town, the workaday drive, an end of the week escape. Kin, and transportation all in all, are likewise inside Mercury’s domain.

Talking, composing, books, online interchanges and learning are all inside Mercury’s area. This planet beseeches us to communicate frequently — and well. At the point when Mercury goes retrograde (the presence of voyaging in reverse), nonetheless, our correspondences will be tested.

Mercury is never in excess of 28 degrees from the Sun; it requires around 88 days to finish its circle of the Sun. It is neither manly nor ladylike energy and accepts the sexual orientation of the sign it is in. It rules the two Gemini and Virgo, and the Third and Sixth Houses.

Sanskrit word- Budha

Day- Wednesday

Relationship- sister/daughter

Sex- Neutral

Direction- North


Color- Green

Gem- Green Emerald

Type- Depends


Neutrals- Mars, Jupiter, Saturn

Aspects- ‘7

Own sign- Gemini, Virgo


Mind, maternal uncle, discourse, blood family members, insight, companions , language, getting the hang of, instructing, training, adroitness in discourse, science , medication, clarification, getting, reasoning, discernment, translation, interest, segregation, curiosity, study, investigation, memory, examination, estimation, arithmetic, correspondence, exposure, estimation, news-casting, writing, books, composing, magazines, papers, phone, radio, TV, PCs, ads, abilities, resourcefulness, refinement, developments, versatility, engineering, models, imaginative taste, humor, stunts, impersonation, jokes, juvenile nature, play, verse, variety, quickness, deception, sports, short ventures, companion, co-ordinator, blend, go between, exchange, circulation, business, exchange, bookkeeping, evaluating, trade, discretion, jungle gyms, gardens, governmental issues, libraries, mail depots, schools, palatial structures. At the point when gravely influenced it connotes vanity, proud, underhandedness, untruthful, duplicity and criticism, lawful, naughtiness monger and strict inconveniences, misguided thinking and disputes.

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