Mars is the activity planet of the zodiac. The ‘Red Planet,’ all things considered, ought to be really red hot, and Mars doesn’t baffle. Energy, enthusiasm, drive and assurance are okay fit for Mars’ abilities. This planet orders you (and indeed, Mars leads the military) to stand up, be seen and complete things — remaining uninvolved has a place elsewhere in the sky. Basically, Mars addresses the force and certain declaration of the person.

Mars in Astrology is the head of nine planets. Mars rules over dauntlessness, self-assurance, mental fortitude, persistence and authority capacities. Mars makes its locals contentious; irascible; officers, commanders, troopers and police officers. It likewise gives them extraordinary specialized and mechanical capacities.

Mars (Mangal Grah) in Astrology gives energy, assurance, drive, incredible authoritative capacity and a solid feeling of direction.

At the point when amazing in the outline it can show an unstable indignation and extraordinary grit. Its place shows how the conduct will advocate for itself, and what type of movement will awaken the actual energies, or the displeasure.

Sanskrit word- Mangal

Day- Tuesday

Relationship- Younger brother

Sex- Male

Direction- South


Color- Red

Gem- Red Coral

Type- Malefic


Neutrals- Venus, Saturn

Aspects- ‘4-7-8

Own sign- Aries, Scorpio


strength, energy, siblings (younger), independence, determination, endurance, courage, ambition, force of character, power, impatience, passion, pioneering, enthusiasm, adventure, competition, sports, frankness, resourcefulness, management, high thinking, research, laboratories, technology, chemistry, logic, difference of opinion, mathematics, argument, misunderstanding, anger, battle, aggression, weapons, soldiers, wounds, accidents, doctors (surgeons), engineers, dentists, fires (in the kitchen), operations, engines, kitchen, fortification, mountains, landed property.

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