Sex And Passion

Some people will say it, others won’t, but everyone knows that sex and passion are just as important to a relationship as mental bonding. A relationship is healthy if the two people are good for each other both physically and emotionally.

Dates, vacations, binge-watching Netflix, and spending extra time with kids are all great for a person’s sense of well-being, but what happens between the sheets also goes a long way towards bringing two people closer together.

How two people talk about their sexual needs says a lot about the kind of relationship they will have in the long run. Some people keep spreading the wrong idea that sex doesn’t matter as long as there is mental bonding.

But it’s wrong for a couple to think that. If neither person makes an effort to keep having sex, the relationship will end at some point.

In this section, we talk about both love and sexlessness, which is a problem for a lot of people.

Great Sex

But you don’t always have great sex with your steady partner or your spouse. According to the stories in Bonobology, the best sex could happen during a one-night stand, with an ex who quickly came back into your life, or with your partner on an unplanned trip where you leave your kids with your parents.

The articles show that having Great Sex in a marriage isn’t just about getting the Big O. It’s also about getting to know each other’s bodies and needs better, knowing the erotic zones, the importance of touch, and being ready to try out different positions and techniques.

The stories on Great Sex on Astrogyan are eye-opening and can help people who are in long-term relationships but are having trouble with their sexual drive.


Sexless Marriage

In India, sexless marriage is a stark fact that is rarely talked about in public. People talk about their dead bedrooms in pieces and confessions on Astrogyan. Wives talk about how they were still virgins after two years of marriage, and men talk about how they started looking for sexual satisfaction outside of their marriages because they were so sick of their unresponsive wives in bed.

When a couple doesn’t talk about their sexual wants at all, they have a “dead bedroom.” Men sometimes have problems with their erections and women sometimes have problems with being cold, but they rarely go to a doctor or a psychologist to talk about the problems.

People stay in sexless marriages because they can’t give up the financial security. Sometimes they think about their children, who have been taught that sex is only for reproduction and not for pleasure. So a marriage without sexual relations is okay and can last.

Spice It Up

That must be what we mean when we say “spice up your sex life.” In the part “Spice It Up,” you’ll learn tips and tricks to make your bedroom sessions more exciting.

There are helpful tips, expert opinions, and confessional stories in which they talk about how they spiced it up in different ways. We tell you how to get the most pleasure out of different positions, how to set the mood in your bedroom with candles and scents, and how it can be exciting to have sex outside.

People talk about their experiences with BDSM, sex toys, foods that increase sexual drive, and even easy things like warming up together in the shower.

This area has everything you need to make your sexual life more exciting. Just look at the stories and add some spice.