In ASTROLOGY, Jupiter (Brihaspati Graha) is the planet of expectation, confidence, knowledge, bliss, riches, training, ethical quality and positivism. It is lifted up in Cancer and rules Sagittarius. Jupiter addresses the disposition of extension, versus withdrawal and the desire of the greater self. This could incorporate a kindness, funny bone, or mercy.Jupiter is the reasoning individual’s planet. As the watchman of the theoretical psyche, this planet rules higher learning, and offers to us a yen for investigating thoughts, both mentally and profoundly. Mentally speaking, Jupiter helps us in defining our belief system. In the more otherworldly domain, Jupiter lords over religions and theory. A quest for the appropriate responses is the thing that Jupiter proposes, and in the event that it implies traversing the globe to discover them, indeed, that is likely why Jupiter additionally controls significant distance travel. With regards to this topic, Jupiter propels us to evaluate our moral and virtues; it additionally addresses our feeling of confidence.

luck and favorable luck are related with Jupiter all things considered. This is a sort and kind planet, one that needs us to develop and prosper in a positive manner. Jupiter might be judge and jury, however it’s generally a respectable helper, making sure that we’re on the correct way. While our prosperity, achievements and flourishing are all inside Jupiter’s domain, this largesse can, on occasion, break down into sluggishness and sloth (Jupiter, can be proved to worst when related to weight acquire!)

Sanskrit word- Guru

Day- Thursday

Relationship- Older brother and off spring.

Sex- Male

Direction- North East


Color- Gold Yellow

Gem- Yellow Saphire

Type- Benefic


Neutrals- Saturn

Aspects- ‘5-7-9

Own sign- Sagittarus, Pisces


Health, wisdom, philosophy, wealth, science, religion, elder sibling, children, knowledge, brahmin, higher education, yagya, honour, merit, meditation, fame, truthfulness, virtue, morality, ethics, law, justice, politics, righteousness, optimism, progress, future, positivity, expansion, divinity, broad outlook, holiness, idealism, helpfulness, aspiration, opportunity, support of nature, divine grace, solution to problems, abundance, prosperity, fortune, success, journeys, pilgrimage, spirituality, charity, religious generosity, devotion, compassion, medicine, husband, guru, guide, governmental favour, leader, bank, treasure-house, capitalism, healer

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