Stress on the mind

There’s no denying that having an affair outside of your marriage can make you feel like a teenager in love again. When you see “The One,” your heart races, and you feel an emotional and physical link outside of your relationship. But as time goes on, stealing is sure to make you feel bad.

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Stress could be felt by the person who finds out about the affair or by the person who has to constantly deal with guilt over cheating and live a life of lies.

Over time, mental stress builds up because of extramarital affairs, and as a result, some couples decide to split up, some stay in unhappy marriages and try to deal with the stress on their own, and some go to a counsellor to try to work things out. In this part, Astrogyan stories talk about how extramarital affairs can cause mental stress and how people decide to deal with it.

emotional stress

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11 Signs He Will Cheat Again


1. He has been unfaithful in the past.
2. He doesn’t talk well. 3. One sign he will cheat again is that he keeps secrets.
4. The ‘other woman’ is still a factor.
5. He is not willing to go above and beyond.
6. He is lying with his body language.
7. He is “very friendly” with other women.
8. He acts like the victim.

9. He tries to trick you.

10. The things that led to the cheating haven’t been fixed.
11. He grew up in a home that didn’t work.