In astrology, the houses are the cosmic version of a crystal ball—only way more legit. There are 12 houses, each representing a key part of life, from health to money to relationships and everything in between. Consider the wheel of houses as a map in the sky, with planets constantly moving from house to house. When you’re born, each planet was in a certain house—and those houses can be seen in your birth chart. The houses are determined by the time you were born, not just the date, so you might need to text your parents to find this out.

The locations of the planets at the moment of your birth (or throughout your life) can give you valuable insights—so if Jupiter (the planet of luck) was in your second house (which rules finances) right when you were born, making money will likely come easy to you. (Share the love, pls?)


This governs what you look like and how you present yourself to the world. It’s all about how others see you (this is also known as your Rising sign or Ascendant). First house = first impressions—makes sense, right? It also covers other “firsts,” like new beginnings and leadership. It’s ruled by Aries.


Where you’ll find the things you value on a practical level, like money (both your potential to make it and how you relate to it), and your general relationship to your stuff. It also covers self-esteem and your immediate physical environment. It’s ruled by Taurus.


Lots going on here: your attitude, intellect, and communication. (And communication includes talking, texting, emailing, Instagram Stories, etc.) Friends, siblings, and neighbors too. Also, sort of randomly: early education. It’s ruled by Gemini.


This is about your home and your family—both the one you come from and the one you may someday create. It also includes homey things like privacy and security. It’s ruled by Cancer.


Watch out: This house is all about love affairs, creativity, fertility, sex drive, dating, romance, fun, attention, and ~drama~. (Who’s sweating?) It’s ruled by Leo.


It rules the things you do every day (even granular stuff like brushing your teeth and
petting your pup)—your daily routine and your schedule. This is also where you can see your physical health and habits. It’s ruled by Virgo.


Call up your crew. Here, you’ll find partnerships—who you like and how you relate to others—your BFF, your life partner, your frenemies, and your straight-up enemies. It also covers stuff related to partnerships of any kind, like marriage contracts or business deals. It’s ruled by Libra.


Another one with A Lot going on: bigger money stuff like inheritances, taxes, and debt. Fun! Also, completely unrelated, orgasms. And how you feel about death. And birth too! Casual. It’s ruled by Scorpio.


Welcome to higher learning, ethics, and vision. Here’s where your view of the world is shaped. For this reason, it’s also all about international travel—and also the ~travel of the mind~, like learning a foreign language or exploring religion and philosophy. It’s ruled by Sagittarius.


NBD, just your life calling—your purpose and your career are based here. It’s also the highest point in the chart, where you’ll want to be recognized for your achievements—think honors, awards, international fame, a blue check on Instagram, you get the deal. It’s ruled by Capricorn.


Your less emo social connections live here alongside humanitarian concerns—and technology. Look to the 11th for revolution, evolution, and the organizing it takes to get there. It’s ruled by Aquarius


PSA: So much of the stuff that gets caught in your blind spots stems from this house, which governs mental and spiritual health and your earliest developmental experiences. It’s also all about the imagination and the arts as well as the concept of endings. It’s ruled by Pisces.

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